Department Information

Toward Establishing a World Class Faculty Attributed to Education and Research in the Fields of Marine Technology.

(1) To advance education in the broad sphere of marine technology,
(2) to perform cutting-edge research in the fields of marine technology,
(3) to promote strategic co-operation through joint ventures between faculty and industries locally, regionally and globally.

Department History

Faculty of Marine Technology was founded in September 1986 offering B.Sc. cources in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering.
The aim of these courses was to provide students with real-world experience in various aspects of the marine environment. The M.Sc. course in Naval Architechture was inagurated in September 1995. Faculty of Marine Technology has its base in an area of 2200 square meter in Amirkabir University of Technology campus with sections specializing in teaching undergraduate and graduate courses.
The faculty has a branch in a three story building standing on an area of 7.8 hectares in the southern port town of Bandar Abbas on Persian Gulf. The educational and research activities of the faculty is conducted by 15 academic members. The student body of the faculty consists of about 400 undergraduate and postgraduate students.

The educational and research activities of the faculty concentrate on the following items:
(1) Performing industrial as well as cutting-edge research activities related to different fields of marine technology, with establishment of two research centres; Hydromechanic research center and Marine structures research center,
(2) Setting up short term courses required for the national marine industry with international professional certification,
(3) Development and formation of new courses in required fields of the national marine industry,
(4) Initiation of applied and interdiciplinary courses relating to marine technology mainly at postgraduate levels.

Department Honors

The first and only national faculty in Iran devoted to Research and Education in the fields of Marine Technology, with about 1000 graduates in different fields, 200 BSc students, 100 MSc students and 25 PhD Students.

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