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Vice-Chancellor for Culture and Student Affairs: Inaugurating a Student Online Service Center at AUT

 | Post date: 2020/12/14 | 
Dr. Siavash Khorsandi stated: "with this online center, students can send all their requests electronically and the requests will be replied to within two working days. Our center has two-way communication capabilities and also student polling and survey capabilities."
Director of Cultural and Social Affairs of AUT added: "This University has six student organizations, 16 student mobilization offices in various colleges, 22 scientific associations, 18 cultural, artistic and social centers, 15 student unions, a student Passerby Association, Ruhollah and Al-Sabiqun jihadi groups and 230 publications."
In this ceremony, Seyyed Hamid Reza Mojtabavi (Editor-in-Chief of Nad Press of Students Islamic Association), Meysam Ghazanfari (Editor-in-Chief of Anak Magazine), Ashkan Mirza Hosseini (Editor-in-Chief of the Pooyesh Magazine of the Student's Union of the department of Computer Engineering), Koorosh Rouhi (Editor-in-Chief of Pooyesh Magazine of the Student Union of the department of Computer Engineering), and Ali Ardestani (Editor-in-Chief of Ta Zohour Press of the Entezar association) were honored.
Additionally, Pooria Sheykhi (Secretary of the Astronomy Center), Ali Bozorgkhoo (Editor-in-Chief of the NAD Journal of the Islamic Association of Students), Meysam Ghazanfari (Editor-in-Chief of the ANAK Journal), Ashkan Mirzahosseyni (Editor-in-Chief of Pooyesh Magazine of the Students Union of the Department of Computer Engineering), Ali Mohabbat Arani (Editor-in-Chief of Ofogh of Department of Mechanical Engineering) and Pegah Sarraf (Editor-in-Chief of Ta Zohour Kanoon) were acknowledged.
At this ceremony, Arsha Namdar Ayoubi (Head of Student Basij of AUT), Ali Nazari (Secretary of the Scientific Association of the Department of Computer Engineering), Amir Hossein Asgharian (Secretary of the Ruhollah Jihadi Group), Soda Neamani (Secretary of the Health Support Association), Meysam Rostamnejad (Secretary of the Rahrovane Shohada association), and Aylar Eslami Saed (winner of the student Quranic competitions) were acknowledged.