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MOU between AUT’s Kish International Campus and Tehran’s Health Science-Based Companies Association

 | Post date: 2021/01/9 | 
This memorandum of understanding includes articles on interaction and cooperation in terms of establishment, operation, and attraction of domestic and international investments of innovative, knowledge-based, and creative companies that are members of the association in Kish Innovation Center with an emphasis on international trade, reinforcing the export of creative and knowledge-based goods and services, and cooperation and interaction in projects concerning the health innovations and technologies.
Referring to the establishment of an Innovation Center in this campus, the head of Amirkabir University of Technology’s Kish International Campus declared: "We are planning to establish companies working in the field of export acceleration in this center as well as knowledge-based companies active in the field of healthcare"
Amirkabir University of Technology's Vice Chancellor for Research and Technology said: "Four Innovation Centers are to be established in the. As of now, over 288 innovative and knowledge-based companies are operating in the university"