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AUT Facts and Figures

 | Post date: 2019/05/8 | 

  • opened:1958
  • Student Enrollment:
    • Undergraduates:5,345
    • Graduates :8,239
  • Faculty:
    • 110 Professors
    • 526(total staff)
    • 10 Minister post
  • Research (in 2015):
    • 3495 journal papers
    • 1317 ISI Papers
    • 205 bilion Rials industrial project
    • 63 patents
    • 16 mega projects
  • 70 MOUs from 24 Countries 4 Continents


  • Between 150 -200 Technological Universities (shanghai Academic Ranking 2015)
  • Four campuses around Iran
    • Tehran
    • Garmsar
    • Mahshahr
    • Bandar Abbas
  • 19 differnet Departments
  • 16 Centers of Excellence
  • 24 Research Centers and Institutes

President :s.ahmad Motamedi
Vice chancellor of Academic Affairs: Abbas Soroush
Vice Chancellor for Research and Technology: Masoud Boroomand
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs: Reza Sarraf Shirazi
Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance: Hossein Askarian Abyaneh
Director of the International Campus: Abolghasem Mesgarpoor Tousi

Organization Chart:


Some accomplishments of AUT are:
Reaching the status of Center of Excellence in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Textile Engineering, Medical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Civil Engineering and Computer Engineering and Information Technology.
Winning more than 20 awards in the Khwarizmi International Festival by AUT’s honor students, receiving medals from national and international Olympiads.
Winning prestigious awards by creative AUT students in various international and national competitions such as Chem-e-car, Robotics, etc.
Being recognized as the best university in research among Iranian universities by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.
Ranking number one in industrial ties and conducting important national  projects.
Scientific and university international collaborations and signing MOUs with foreign universities.
Signing a large number of research contracts with various research and industrial centers.
Attracting highly talented students and prodigies and providing them with special offers such as the possibility of studying two programs at the same time and entering the MSc and PhD levels without taking the entrance exams.
Conducting outstanding national projects such as the design and assembling of the fastest super-cluster computer and designing,  manufacturing, and launching the AUT Satellite.
Holding virtual training courses at the MSc level.
Holding meetings, conferences and seminars at the national and international levels.
Having several faculty members among “The Distinguished Professors of Iran” and many students among “Honorary” students of Iran.

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